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Wilderness Lodge Fire Rock Geyser

One of the unique attractions at Disney’s WIlderness Lodge is the Geyser hidden between Silver Springs and Bay Lake. The first time I spotted it was pure luck. The ferry boat had just pulled in as we walked towards the main hotel for our evening meal booking and Woosh, we were in time for the display.

The Geyser is located at Position 17 on this map. It’s official title is Fire Rock Geyser.WIldernesslodge map

The geyser is hardly noticeable in passing unless you either spot the sign or know what to look for. It usually erupts on the hour between 7am and 10pm. Rumour has it that after complaints from guests that they were being soaked on their balconies a wind speed monitor was added to alter the eruption height.



When shooting water at full height it reaches 120 feet in the air. You will be soaked if your at the viewing rail.


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