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Where do you hide a Sea Serpent, a Whale, A Turtle and an Octopus?


You’ve seen the Main Street Electrical Parade, but have you seen the Electrical Water Pageant? In true Disney style, the show is everywhere.

The water pageant displays on Bay Lake in front of the Polynesian Resort, Contemporary resort and  Wilderness Lodge (plus the Magic Kingdom). It consists of 14 floating lit up displays, which simple animate along to an electronic soundtrack. The sound track is piped into the resorts for continuity. When you on site, parking and logistics is something that rarely enters your mind. But where do you park these larger than life illuminated floats?



There are 2 secrets to this question. The first one is where would you be able to park floating displays? The answer quite simply is on a stretch of water. Bay lake feeds a good amount of water ways. So heres how to find it.

magic kingdom google earth


On teh far left hand side of the Magic Kingdom land, is a very straight length of waterway. The straightness is almost a little surreal for the amount of thought that goes in to the planning and landscaping of Walt Disney World. I must admit that when I first saw it I assumed it was something to do with sewage or waterworks!

backstage magic kingdom


You can see the floats lined up along the dock side of this waterway. Even when they are pointed out they are not obvious what they are.

water pageant google earth


Here is a photograph taken from the monorail of the floats parked up. This space is visible on the left hand side of the monorail as you r heading from the Grand Floridian to the Magic Kingdom. This is where you get to find out the second secret.
The floating displays are super flat. In fact they look very much like large chain link fence panels. Which when you think about it is all they need to be to provide an invisible surface to animate light bulbs on.

You can see that the floats are linked up is sets of 7 with a drivers cabin on the front and rear, this will allow for easier movement to and from the parking spots. It would also appear that this is the battery recharge point for the pageant.

Electrical Water PagentParking

So the secret is, they are parked in plain view, but are almost invisible.

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