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The Wheel Well Motor Court & Bed and Breakfast

At the back of the Cars section of the Art of Animation Resort. You will find the Wheel Well Motor Court marking the entrance to Cars 2 section of rooms.


The first thing that everyone spots is that Lightning and Sally are parked up out side, but that is not why we are here. Today we are looking at the Wheel Well Bed & Breakfast. Why so?
in the Film Cars, Lightning and Sally go for a drive to look over the town of Radiator Springs and see where the new route 66 is. At the vantage point they park up by the abandoned petrol station called the Wheel Well Motor Court.

After Lightnings big race, The pair rebuild the court and motel as a Bed and Breakfast. They also restore the 1930’s fuel pumps to their former glory.
So the scenery here is not just for show it is full backing up the story from the animation. To round it off nicely there appears to be a lot of guests in the Wheel Well Bed and Breakfast now!

To add a little extra fun here. The Petrol pumps as pushing out “Butte Gas”. Is it just me or does that sound like Butt gas! Paaaarrrp!


Thanks to Nick LoCicero for the Butte Gas photo.

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