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The Great Goofini is Safety conscious!

At The Barnstormer Featuring Goofy as the Great Goofini you get a chance to witness some of the crazy props used by The Great Goofini himself. The great Goofini is a crazed stunt goof that is fearless. One of his stunts “The Canine Cannonball” answers the famous question from the film “Stand by me”. “Is goofy a dog?”

For the stunt goofy climbs into a cannon and is launched high into the air. According to the poster he is “Shooting for the stars”!

The Great Goofini Canine Canonball


During the queue you will get an up close view of the cannon used in this stunt.

Great Goofini



Items of note here

  • Goofy has modified the cannon. Not only does it aim High he has snapped off the range to aim “for the moon”
  • There is one burnt out match in the box of matches (this either means that it’s been used previously or just been lit.)
  • The sharp eyed viewer will have seen that the fuse for the cannon is alight!!



Goofy goes through a lot of safety helmets as a stunt man.

Great Goofini Helmet


But at least he has a collection of safety gear. 3 smashed up helmets,  Asprin, Air Sickness pills, altitude discomfort remedy and of course a large First Aid Kit. However if it is worse than these he has his second aid kit too!

First Aid & Second Aid

Thanks to Nick LoCicero for the photographs.


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