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The 5 legged Goat

Over at Disney’s Contemporary Resort you will find a gigantic set of tiled murals. You may recognise the style of the art as it looks very much like the facades over at “It’s A Small World”. That would be because they were both designed by Disney imagineer Mary Blair.

The monorail brings you into the resort and stops at the Grand Canyon Concourse. This art installation was to tie in with this sort of theming. The inspiration was the Grand Canyon and the South West. Although the Contemporary’s current interior has nearly removed all references to this.

On the west side of the tower you should be able to find Mary Blair’s nod to not everything is perfect.

Below is a photo of the western Mural which shows goats high on hills. Have you ever noticed there is something strange about one of these goats?

Well done you have now spotted the famous 5 legged Goat. The legends says that Mary Blair wanted to remind people that not everything that is man made is perfect!

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  1. Bill

    I love Disney world. I know our world isn’t perfect but Mr Disney’s dream and the imaginative and dedicated cast members strive to give us a model of perfection.

  2. Matt

    Aha! So that’s what the guys on the Communicore Weekly podcast are referring to in their “5-legged goat” segments…

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