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Tangled Toilet Sign Secrets

Signage is important with in the theme park, for several reasons. Informational, Directional and Aesthetic purposes. Guests know where to go and what to expect. But if it was purely functional they would stand out and look awkward. Disney Imagineers style the signs to blend into an area and develop the theme.

We’ll start off with the “Boring one”. This is the new Male Toilets sign at the “Tangled Toilets” section. The signs is a red shield… erm it has a male symbol on it… erm it’s also got braille under the word MEN! I told you this one is boring.

Fantasyland Mens Toilet Sign


The baby change facility is signed with a red shield containing a baby in a diaper symbol. This time it is wearing the helmet of the Imperial Guard of Corona.Tangled Baby Change


The next door sign is a no entry one. It is guarded by Maximus (Max) the Horse of the captain of the guards for the Kingdom of Corona. You wouldn’t want to mess with this stead, thats for sure.
The sign like the others is based upon a red shield shape. The door itself is a staff entrance for park staff, which give a double meaning to the wording “Kingdom Staff Only”. Is that Kingdom of Corona or Magic Kingdom?

Magic Kingdom Staff Only


Finally the female toilet sign. Why is it that the women always get the best pretty stuff? Here was have a none Imperial shield type of sign. This one is more detailed with a hand finished feel. Of course it contains the standard symbols that are required and for accessibility it has the braille located under the WOMEN text. The nice touch here is that the long blonde hair sweeps down the side of the female symbol character onto the yellow frame and anti clockwise around to the braille. I’ll admit I’m not 100% sure what the purple piece is at the top (a comb, hair grip, crown).

Anyway these are nice touches to standard information signage.

Rapunzel Toilet Sign

Photos by Nick LoCicero

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