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Primeval Whirl - Hidden Mickeys

Primeval Whirl’s Mass produced Hidden Mickeys

Dinoland USA gets a rough end of the stick when it comes down to theming the general consensus is that it is made on a budget and just standard off the shelf attraction, with a face lift. I could argue a load of points against this, but that is another debate altogether.

Primeval Whirl is a …. standard off the shelf spinning coaster type of attraction. I have been on several versions around the world which involve barrels, bees and bears as the theme of the carts! So, straight away I haven’t put faith into the idea that the imagineers spent time thinking about this attraction. There are many many layers to this attraction that I’ve over looked until this year. But today we’re looking at Hidden Mickeys.

Everyone loves Hidden Mickeys right?

Check out the left meteor above the main entrance to find a Hidden Mickey made from the craters on the surface.

Primeval Whirl - Hidden Mickey

With in the attraction you’ll see this flaming Meteor, complete with Hidden Mickey.

Primeval Whirl - Hidden Mickey

Dinosaurs love to check out their Hidden Mickeys too.

Primeval Whirl - Hidden Mickey

There is a strange thing about all these hidden Mickeys and I will say there are many more on the ride, but I couldn’t photograph them all. They are all exactly the same. Almost like they were mass produced. This is unusual in the fact that generally Hidden Mickeys are so hidden that they are only found if you spend the time searching. Generally they are also quite rare. So why on this “off the shelf” attraction are they in abundance and all exactly the same? Could it be that the imagineers have tried to show the thought process behind a mass produced attraction like this and simple cast them from the same mould. Or is it supposed to be the same meteor in a story throughout the ride?

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