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Planting “Under the Sea”.


As daft as it sounds, how do you plant “under the sea”? It was a concept that never really entered my thoughts until very recently. I’m landscaping our garden at the moment and decided halfway through  to try and give it a under water theme. So We painted some blues on walls and created some lovely swept curves. But what would you do to plant it as an under the sea themed garden?

Luckily there is a great example to gain inspiration from.



When we visited the Finding Nemo section of the Art of animation resort it had literally just opened. So the landscaping was still very fresh and new. Plants spread out and thicken up over time. But the one thing that stands out is green. Lots and lots of green. Fluffy grass like green tufts, Sharper spiky green fronds and shaped green structural trees. This sets up the seaweed element and works extremely well in bulking up the landscaping with out detracting from the fish sculptures and murals.

Finding Nemo Resort


Again the answer is green. Here you can see the uniformity of the planted sections. A school of purple fish all swimming in the same direction  across the pathway that is curved and organic. Larger dark green / red plants are added nearer to the windows.

Finding Nemo Art of Animation


FLOWERS!! Eventually we spot some flowers. Although very subtle. These grass like plants have small white flowers, which either look like bubbles in the “water” or food for fish. Also here you can see that the ground is covered in both Mulch and Gravel. Disney’s gardens are always heavily mulched, which helps retain water and reduces weeds. Here it adds texture to the ground as a sand like base.



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