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Phil Holmes in Fantasyland Store

Phil Holmes, Vice President of the Magic Kingdom has been immortalised in portrait form in the new Fantasyland Expansion. Over in Belle’s Village is a gift shop called Bonjour! Village Gifts. The shop takes it’s influence form the song where we are introduced to Belle in Beauty and the beast (OK also the french language).

After staring work in the Magic Kingdom in 1971, Phil has worked his way up through the company via 8 role and 18 locations to result this this premier position. He has seen many changes during his time.

It seems to be the trend now that important staff members are being honoured in portrait form. Tony Baxter was recently added in Big Thunder Mountain. We’ll now it’s time for Phil Holmes. This is a nice idea adding an extra dimension to the tradition of Windows on Main Street. Maybe the windows are nearly all allocated and converting the emporium into a skyscraper to add more glass would be out of theme!




This portrait is done in a renaissance style. It was a common practice to add extra items in to the portrait that would tell you a little bit about the person being painted. This portrait does exactly that.



One of the first roles Phil had at the Magic Kingdom was on the Haunted Manion. The detail below shows a sample of wallpaper form the Haunted Mansion with a picture of the entrance sign on to of it.



The gold statue of Donald is awarded to staff members for 40 years of service.

While the Blue book below is titled “Terre de Fantasme” or translated it means Land of Fantasy.



The bottom of the painting holds loads of details.

The Magic Lamp from Aladdin or is it to symbolise the Magic Carpets of Aladdin?
Peanuts relate to Dumbo or could that mean the Storybook Circus?
A shiny Red apple would suggest Snow White or could that have been Snow whites scary adventure.
Check out that gold Ring. A nice touch to point out 40 years of the Magic Kingdom
There is a park map of what appears to be the Magic Kingdom. This can get looked at in 2 ways. He started at the magic kingdom and is the VP here, so it would be “his land”. OR Phil worked briefly for Allen Construction Company while they were building the Magic Kingdom. His main job was running maps and blueprints back and forth. So it it more about the map than the content?

Finally is the brass / bronze ink well. I have no idea what this is. I’m not even sure if it is the ink well. As there seems to be another pot for quills on the right. Answers on a postcard please!


Thanks to Nick LoCicero for the photographs


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