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Creating a project on this scale is immense. There is so much work that goes on behind the scenes and I have always opened my arms to welcome all suitable people.

So Here is the HiddenWDW.com team

Alan Hooper

I’ve been around the DIsney fan community for quite a while creating project on the web. It has always fascinated me the way that online communities form around types on information. Around 2005 I created Disney-Links.com an online directory for all Disney (official and unofficial) websites. In 2008 I set up HiddenDLRP.com, the sister site to this project. Early in 2011 I teamed up with two other UK residents to set up Your MouseCast. A Disney podcast with a UK view point, our style was to try and become a rough and ready production. Most of the market was highly polished, we aimed to make a scruffy mark.

That December I set up MouseVent.com. This was to be the first Disney Fan based Audio Advent calendar. With only a month of warning I approached many of the big names in the circle of podcasters who managed to pull together this successful project.

Finally this brings me to here…. HiddenWDW.com This project has been on the back burner for around 2 years. There has always been a massive interest in the hidden stories and secrets of Walt Disney World. Until now I wasn’t ready to pull this size project together. Over the life of all my Disney fan community projects, I have met an amazing group of helpful people. Many of whom have offered their input and guidance with this project.


Dennis Brown

Dennis, is one of our featured photographers. The majority of our header photographs are done by him. As you will see he has an eye for detail and doesn’t always take that easy shot. You can visit his photography website at http://dennisbrown360.com/


If you would like to get involved as a contributor, submitter, promoter or any other position, please email us on hello@hiddenwdw.com