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Mater’s Salvage Yard License plates

Disney’s Art of Animation has to be the most over the top Disney / Pixar based themed hotel. I mean you could stay at the Poly or Contemporary and rarely spot a Disney reference. Here BAM. It is in your face. Of course that isn’t a bad thing as the depth of theme immersion here is very intense. Detailed scenery and character photo spots. This is also the only place that you will be able to get your photo taken with so many cars from the Cars movies. Here is Tow Mater. The rusty tow truck that doesn’t seem to take no for an answer. towmater-artofanimation

He marks the entrance to the Cars 1 section of rooms. His salvage yard signs suggests it’s about to fall on you as you pass. Like wise the wooden shed looks a little below building code, but I’m sure Disney will have thought about that.


The Sign is decorated with Number plates and a hub cap.


We’ve done a lot of research into this and…

TJ7-75 is the number plate of Patty. Patty is the personal assistant to Mario. (Mario is based on, named after and voiced by Mario Andretti, a retired NASCAR and Formula One driver).



Unfortunately as of yet we can’t seem to find what ST 929 stands for
Or TWK702

If you know what the answer is send it to us and you will be added into this finds credits.


Thanks to Nick LoCicero for this photo.


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  1. John Murray

    TWK702 is the license plate of “Murphy” he is an Emerycraft Inka. He appears in the end credit sequence of “Cars” in Sarge’s SUV Boot Camp.

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