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Fantasyland Mens Toilet Sign

Inside the Male Toilets in the Tangled Rest area

I’m not obsessed by toilets. Honest! However it seems a shame that the girls have their secrets and the guys have theirs. Here you get a chance to see the good stuff without being arrested by security.

Aptly the male toilets are based around Flynn Riders view on proceedings. If we start at the entrance we are greeted by the Stabbington Brothers wanted posted. There is a reward of 10,000 pieces for their capture, but alas your too late as the stamp across it says they are “captured”.

Next up is “shorty” the inebriated character that seemed to be just light comedy relief in Tangled. He is wanted for Intemperance & Cupidity. Be careful he is Armed & unclothed. Although there is no reward for Shorty he is “At LARGE (but not very)”

The Stabbington Brothers


Finally we come to Flynn Rider. His wanted poster offers a reward of 5 pieces. And they never seem to get his nose correct… hang on some one has corrected the nose with a little patch! I wonder if it is the same person who has altered the reward to a more princely sum than the Stabbington pair! Unfortunately you’ll never cash it in as he has been “Pardoned”.

Flynn Rider


Rapunzel’s weapon of choice is on display, there are quite a few too. Just make sure when you tell your kids to sit still on the pan that they are doing the do in the right location!

Tangled Toilet Pan


Finally we’d like to point out that the toilet cubicles (or stalls) are based around Horse Stalls. Another play on words. The Male toilets seem to be much less details than the female, but at least we have corrected the balance and allowed a view in for both sides of the fence.

Look No Mirrors


Thanks to Nick LoCicero for the photographs.

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