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HiddenDLRP.com is the sister site of HiddenWDW.com. As you can imagine there are tons of hidden details over in Disneyland Resort Paris. When Michael Eisner was spending the Disney Companies money. He chose to push the funds into details and lots of them. This was his chance to show Europe what Disney Parks were all about, so the depth of the environment needed to be rich.

The site points out the obvious, just like HiddenWDW.com. Most of the details are in plain site, but unless you know what you are looking at it is lost on you.

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From Screen to Theme

From Screen to Theme is a book series that directs its readers to references in the Walt Disney World® Resort from both animated and live action Disney movies.

From Screen to Theme: A Guide to Disney Animated Film References Found Throughout the Walt Disney World Resort, the first book in the series is available online.

From Screen to Theme: A Guide to Disney Live Action Film and Classic Character References Found Throughout the Walt Disney World Resort is due out in Fall of 2010.

From Screen to Theme: A Guide to Disney Film References Found Throughout the Disneyland Resort has a tentative release date of Spring 2011.

The author is currently planning research trips for books dealing with the Disney Cruise Line and Disney parks around the world as well.


Dennis Brown Photography

Dennis Brown 360 Photography

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Hyperion Travel Company

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Disney Brit

The Disneybrit Podcast is the UKs longest running Disney Podcast. The Bi-weekly show covers news and rumours from both Walt Disney World and Disneyland Paris as well as informative segments, trivia, discussion and interviews. You can find the show on iTunes or by visiting.

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Who are the DISDads? We’re a group of fathers from around the world. We represent a range of ages, ethnicities, religious traditions, political beliefs, careers and interests. But we all share three things – love for our children, love for all things Disney and Walt Disney World, and participation in the Dis Dads Club forum at the disboards.com.

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WDW Fan Boys Podcast

WDW Fan Boys podcast is your source for discussions of today’s topics at Walt Disney World for Disney fans, by Disney fans. Shows are uploaded every Sunday!

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