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Fillmore’s has secrets all over him!


The Cars Section at the Art of Animation Resort has more offerings today. As the newest resort at Walt Disney World, there are lots of details still to un earth. Every character has their own details and secrets. The nice part in the Cars section is that many of them are details direct from the films too.



Fillmore is a VW camper van with a peace, love and organic under tone. He represents a section of society that are concerned with the high use of fossil fuels and embrace recycling.

We’ll look at a couple of details that are directly in your face, but possibly don’t stand out.

  • The custom paint job. It isn’t unusual to see a custom mural style paint job on a VW camper van, but the detail that is almost lost is that between the flowers, rainbows and planets is an open highway. A snaking grey strip with a dotted line up the middle. Flower power, Peace and Save Mother Road!
  • Fillmore’s number plate is 51237. This number represents May 12th 1937. This is the birth date for George Carlin, who provides his voice in the animation.
  • Finally I’d like to pull your attention to a sticker in the lower left hand side of the rear. “Save 2D animation” This at the time probably represents the fascination John Lassiter had with the hand drawn aspect of traditional animation. Even though Cars (I know it’s Pixar) is computer generated, when Pixar and Disney joined forces Lassiter believed there was always a place for 2d Animation. Back in April 2013 a refining of the animation department saw 9 veteran animators laid off. And their seemed to be more of a focus on CGI based animation as future plans were announced. So is saving 2d animation a hint at what is to come. When the time comes I’m sure we’ll see this 1960’s camper van chained to the gates at Burbank.


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