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Dumbo’s Water Barrel

Travellers should be a little more careful where they leave their items. If it was any where else outside of Disney world a left bag in a train station would be roped off and exploded in a controlled manor. Here in the Fantasyland train station (also known as Carolwood Park!), there are many items to see and notice for your a-ha moment. Today we’re looking at the travelling circus’ water barrels.



These are the most in your face film reference prop items in this section of the park. A Stack of brightly coloured barrels individually named. The top of the stack being Dumbo (which instantly gives it away. The four stack of barrels read Dumbo, Caddy, Prissy and Giddy.



This by itself is a great find, but the research started to get a little weird. Who is Caddy? All written reference to the Elephant character refers to CATTY the elephant.

  • IMDB – Noreen Gammill – Catty the Elephant (Voice) (Uncredited)
  • Wikipedia – Noreen Gammill as Elephant Catty (OK I know it’s not always fact.)
  • Disney Wiki – Elephant Catty is a character from the 1941 Disney film, Dumbo. Catty is one of the elephants closely linked to the Elephant Matriarch. (Personality very catty)
  • The Dumbo Facebook Page (which seems official) “The troupe of gossiping elephants from Dumbo have very descriptive names: Prissy, Giggles, Matriarch, and Catty.”

I can understand how Catty and Caddy could get mixed up. They sound similar. It’s only 2 letters. However is the characteristic of the elephant is Caddy. Would that refer to her being able to carry golf clubs? It totally changes her character. Maybe Imagineering got this one wrong. Or is it just the rest of the internet?


Thanks to Nick LoCicero for the photographs.


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