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Casey Jr’s carriages are numbered.

The Casey Jr Splash and Soak station is aptly named. This is like getting hosed down in the back yard. Although that rarely happens to me any more. It is a great place to cool off and let your red raw feet feel like they are part of your body again.

As this is Hidden WDW we’re not going to just review the attraction, we’re here to point out a detail. Numbers!

Casey Jr has a lot of numbers around the train and carriages. For example there is a number 9 on the light box.



As you can see from this blurry film grab Casey isn’t numbered 9? Strange



Also as we go round the carriages, they are numbered. I’ll point these out more directly. Carriage 71, represents 1971, the year that the Magic Kingdom Opened.

Casey Jr Carriages

Carriage 82, represents 1982, the year that EPCOT Opened.

asey Jr Carriages

Carriage 89, represents 1989, the year that the Disney MGM Studios Opened (now called Disney’s Hollywood Studios).

asey Jr Carriages

Carriage 98, represents 1998, the year that Disney’s Animal Kingdom Opened.

asey Jr Carriages


Easy and to the point, but what about the number 9? Answers on a post card please. The Disneyland Attraction numbers Casey as 7, while Disneyland Paris’ Attraction have numbers 1 and 2. Although I doubt it is just a random number, maybe it is. 

Thanks to Nick LoCicero for the photographs

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